Benefit Company

Our actions have an impact on the world around us and we strongly believe that today the company must increase the well-being of the community and protect the environment and the person. With this in mind, we have internalized the principles of the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development, for a systematic advancement towards sustainability.

As a Benefit Company we are convinced that reliability and production efficiency must go hand in hand with the sedimentation of an ethical-environmental awareness through the adoption of socially responsible principles. For this reason, we periodically undergo an assessment of the company’s real ability to create a common good and shared value in a system that involves people, local communities, the environment and other stakeholders.

In harmony with the principles of backcasting, we believe in the concrete feasibility of an alternative future: to do this and therefore generate a positive impact on society, a concrete commitment is required. We pursue this commitment in a responsible, sustainable and transparent way by adopting environmental and worker protection policies that look to innovation as a key element in the path towards sustainability.

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