The Company

Ellegi Pellami Spa, a company specializing in the production and sale of high-quality bovine hides destined for footwear, furnishings, and leather goods, represents excellence in the tanning sector: a long history that began with the work of Luciano Pisano who, after twenty years of experience in the sector, founded a company in 1996 in the beating heart of the Leather District, a company that over the years became in the production and sale of bovine hides destined for footwear, furnishings and leather goods.

Located in Castelfranco di Sotto (PI), a hub of excellence in the leather sector, the company produces and markets its hides for both the Italian and foreign markets. At Ellegi, the non-stop monitoring of the finished product, tailored to the Customer’s needs and obtained thanks to constant research on the entire production cycle, is distinguished by industrial professionalism that preserves and passes on the traditional attention to detail typical of the artisan workshop, aware of the current needs of the national and international market.

Attention to detail and care in finding innovative solutions tailored to the needs of its customers have always been combined with respect for people and the ecosystem, with constant investment in sustainable production, optimizing consumption by meticulously affecting the percentage of waste.

“Quality means doing things right when no one is looking at you”

Henry Ford

Benefit Company

Our actions have an impact on the world around us and we strongly believe that today the company must increase the well-being of the community and protect the environment and the person. With this in mind, we have internalized the principles of the Frameor

As a Benefit Company we are convinced that reliability and production efficiency must go hand in hand with the sedimentation of an ethical-environmental conscience through the adoption of socially responsible principles. For this reason, we periodically submit to an assessment of the company’s real capabilities in creating common good and shared value in a system that involves people, local communities, the environment and other stakeholders.

In line with the principles of backcasting we believe in the concrete feasibility of an alternative future: to do this and thus generate a positive impact on society, a concrete commitment is needed. We pursue this commitment in a responsible, sustainable and transparent way by adopting environmental and worker protection policies that look at innovation as a key element in the path towards sustainability.


Ellegi Pellami, confirming the high quality standards, has implemented and continuously improves an integrated management system for the environment for health and safety at work and for social responsibility in compliance with the requirements of the international standards UNI EN ISO14001: 2015 and ISO45001: 2018 and the UNIC Code of Conduct and Social Responsibility and disseminates its objectives with a view to raising the awareness of its employees and collaborators, and the main subjects with legitimate interests influenced by its activities: suppliers, subcontractors, production collaborators.

Our company operates in compliance with the ICEC technical specifications regarding the traceability of raw materials to make the leather supply chain more and more transparent, up to the finished product. With the LWG Certification, we have also adopted a protocol to verify the management of all environmental aspects related to the production of tanned leather with particular reference to the issues of ethics, respect for the environment and safety, making a concrete commitment to improving the impact.


UNI EN ISO 14001:2015
(ISO 14001:2015)

UNI ISO 45001:2018

Certificate ICEC



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