We specialize in the production and sale of high quality bovine hides, intended for leather goods, furniture and footwear, for both the Italian and foreign markets. We use selected bovine hides of the best quality from Europe to make our products, with a wide choice of sizes and thicknesses depending on their use. Continuous investment in tanning processes has enabled us to give our customers a quality product that combines environmental friendliness and economic efficiency.
A truly eco-friendly product that is safe and compliant with the parameters for use on people, and environmentally friendly.

Our leathers are carefully selected and the wide range of choices obtained is aimed at meeting the different needs of customers depending on the article to be made. Our production, which provides customers with leather cuts already optimized in geometric shape and size, ranges from chrome-tanned items to vegetable-tanned items, with smooth, printed, nubuck, abraded, split, etc.

For more than 20 years, our tannery has adopted a strategy designed to minimize waste, combining economic savings with environmental impact reduction in high and objectively verifiable percentages.

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